Freedom is killing the traffic in Vietnam

Hi tourists, sure you will find that Vietnam is amazing… yeah right at the first glance of the city view – the empire of motobike. It’s super convenient when you need to buy some stuffs at grocery or go to your work place or hang out with friends in a slender Vietnamese street. However, the point of this press ain’t give a shit about motobike, but the 4-wheels of my-father-bought-this-road kind of people.

Cars vs. bikes

In Vietnam, car and bike each has its own lane on one way of a road. As a very surely fact, cars will get stuck as a long line while motobike moving smoothly ahead – long lived motobike era. But that was not until a bunch of poop shaped like a car blocks the bike-line that give you (riders) an indescribable irritation. How does that happen? Usually some lays that poop and do some of their very private stuffs before coming back cleaning them up, which at time delay the whole community moving on the road. No one want to crush into poop, yah! Nope!

The federal of Vietnamese Circus of car owners

If you are an updated people, you may know how Vietnamese circus your wow the stage of British got talents. That was because Vietnamese practice their tricks everyday! The cars parked on the road side mentioned above are usually landed with 2-wheels on the pavement and other 2 on the street. Why? Please don’t ask me ’cause I anyway h a v e n o i d e a. Maybe some of the last pieces of esteem they still have let them think that parking this way may leave the bikes a slim chance to get through. And thank you. So moral and thoughful you are. Am I right to say that this act both taking pavement of pedestrians and parking at wrong site + wrong style? Double violation! But it’s the cool Vietnam, so it keeps like that still.

Love you ‘father’ !

Actually their are place to park legally how ever easy ways is always prefered as long as no instant karma comes (this relate to my upcoming press about the Great Traffic Regulation System of Vietnam that I have always wish to share with huge pride). It is still understandable because it lacks parking lots in the cities, so… Hell no! That’s not! Main point is that even gods cannot let one of ‘them’ move their ass on foot through 1 km (that’s why most of them are packs of fat cannot even see their own feet). And moreover, “Cars look cool, don’t you dare to make me look less cool” they may said. A car show you status and status is everything. That’s it, we have nothing to say more but accept the happenings. Maybe their fathers bought the roads.

Now who says the America – country of freedom, well not until you come to Vietnam lol.

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