Chilling in the rain

Have you ever heard the song “how deep is your love”? I guess “yes”. It may simply be a no more than normal song to you, however for me it sounds so familiar and ‘retrospective’ every single time I turn it on.

What is retrospective? Just have no way to explain what it actually is. It’s just when your six sense at the same time remind about a time in the past in an unexplainable mechanism.

That time may just be days that I got leg surgery spending time watching anime with no burdens in life. It was raining outside making pitter-patter sound on the roof and cold breeze sometimes reach my skin despite the warmth of my bed. My mom was bringing cups of orange juice every time stumbling on the metal stair to my room and calling my name. The lively and romantic intro song of anime ranging each time a episode pass by.

Or it may just be the time you thought of your first love obssessedly lone in your room looking at the window glass blurred in rain splashing. Wondering how was she feeling about you, you chilled down in a warm atmosphere filled with the song named “how deep is your love”. Mumbling after it with some part of lyrics you remember, some do not.

I mean whenever there is something featuring a speacial time that you used to have, instantly you will get a bit goosebumps and come back to that time. It remind you that special feeling through your six sense which may still memorized in your brain as a hardwired reaction towards those signals. Beyond the biological underlying, we sometimes thirst for those feeling as the best ways to release stresses or a way to meditate yourself.

BUT it is really not easy for us to find out the signals for a retrospective moments. Sometimes you might need a time to relax and think of it. For me, one of those is a cup of coffee in rainy days listening to the rhythm of “how deep is your love”.

How about you? What is your retro playlist?

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