Nationalism and Individualism

Here I want to tell you, my dearest reader, a short story between a boy and his mother which somehow describes more clearly the very ambigous topic above.

“You should not go around with stranger“, said times by times from mom with love. However, a boy always protect his right to do things he want.

“Talking with strangers is fun and interesting, especially I know a lot of things from them, mom”. The boy always think that his parents do not understand him and stack their anger within his throat until getting chuckle to tears.

“I need to share this feeling with someone in my shoes” whispered the boy, “parents really cannot understand me”.

“We care for you son. If you want to go around with someone, please make us know them first, honey!” said parents, “one more thing, tell us everything about your talk, is it ok?”

And still nope!

Credited to DailyTrojan

That’s exactly all about the story of Vietnamese and their government these days. The parents is government and the boy represent residents.

Recently, Vietnamese government has enforce the public law of internet security that force social network and searching engine to situate their database within Vietnam. But people get frustrated and fight for their right to “post anything they want” and get informed about national secrets posted around on internet without being aware of temptation and fake news from the opposite parties (meanwhile Vietnam has mono-party system).

Here I mean the leaders of one society clearly has nationalism thought, as other people within Vietnamese border. No one want to slowdown the country development. But though, if we fight for something belonging to our own benefit. It ain’t more nationalism, but individualism.

People easily and blindly lose trust from the leaders that they voted for. For well-being people receive usually without a thank, but wrongdoing usually trigger unpredictable intense hatred. Anger can make people say it wrong especially hear it wrong and that’s dangerous. Remember that freedom of speech cannot be selective.

Just think of the shoes of your parents first before judging someone takin care of you.

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